Cutting the cable cord and going back to free TV

Cutting the cable cord and going back to free TV
What they don't realize, is they need an outdoor antenna to get all the clear crystal channels," said Matteson. Most TV's sold in the past five years or so has a built-in digital tuner for these over-the-air broadcasts. You should be able to receive …
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New Product: End Fed Tuner Kit:
Portable radio specialists SOTABEAMS has introduced a kit version of their popular QRP Mountain Tuner. The Mountain Tuner is designed for use with end-fed half-wave antennas from 40 through to 17 metres. The unique design allows the Mountain Tuner …

Start-Up Promises TV on a Tablet, With No Fees, No Wires
Tablet TV uses a device Motive calls a T-Pod, described in the report as “a palm-size digital TV antenna, tuner and digital recorder. The company hasn't settled on a price, but Fertig said Tablet TV expects to sell T-Pods for between $ 50 to $ 100.”.
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