Cool QSL images

Some cool QSL images:

67-371-A Commemorative QSL Card
Image by Naval History & Heritage Command
Accession: 67-371-A
Commemorative QSL Card , USS New York

A QSL card is a record of a contact made between two amateur radio stations. This QSL card was sent by Chief Radioman R.S. Roberts to 140 stations that he heard and made contact with during the USS New York’s Coronation cruise from April 15th until May 30th 1937. He was using the call sign W3DTO.
The USS New York was carrying the Presdient’s official representative to the coronation Admiral Hugh Rodman. The ship also took part in the Grand Naval Review on the 20th May 1937 as part of the coronation festivities.

Collection of Curator Branch; Naval History and Heritage Command.

Conveniat QSL HB9BRU
Image by pewi28

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