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Morse Code

Morse Code Decoder

Using a microcontroller, I can key in morse code, and the dits and dahs are automatically recognized and converted into text. For …

“The Morse Code”

Each letter, number and punctuation character of the “Morse Code”.
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Morse Code 1

Check out these Morse Code images:
Morse Code 1

Image by rob the tog
Curved wall, with morse incription. This was done by local sculpter …

See and hear Morse Code

A video I created to help myself learn Morse Code.
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Video as seen on BBC about Morse Code, sometimes …

Latest Morse Code News

PROBLEM SOLVER: Breaker, breaker
By Anonymous Dear Problem Solver: I may be able to help the disabled veteran, CA, Rockland, who doesn't want …

Morse code

A few nice Morse Code images I found:
Morse code

Image by tanakawho

morse code

Image by jenny downing

Your Introduction to Morse Code

Your Introduction to Morse Code

— Don’t just learn the code–master it! This set includes two audio CDs (for your audio/music CD player) …