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Lower Nose Rib Doubler

Image by Mouser NerdBot
Probably way more massive than it needs to be… but it gets the job done. This’ll let me hang a circular plastic connector panel-mounted right through the lightening hole and sticking out the base of the vertical stabilizer. There’ll also be a …

Latest HF Antenna News

GPS World 2015 Leadership Award dinner boasts visions for the future
In particular, Don Spitzmesser was a prolific inventor who could quickly conceive …

Super Antenna MP1 basic without mount

Super Antenna MP1 basic without mount

THIS IS: Super Antenna MP1 antenna (without mount, without SWR Ruler).
A limited number of this classic model …

Latest HF Antenna News

ARRL Board Approves HF Band Plan, National Parks Event, Award Winners:
Randy Thompson, K5ZD, was named the winner of the 2014 Philip J. …

Latest HF Antenna News

ASB Avionics Develops HF Shunt Antenna For P-3 Aircraft
ASB Avionics (ASB), under contract with the NOAA, is developing a Dorsal HF Shunt …

QRP by the Bay

QRP by the Bay
If you're into QRP, homebrewing and HF antennas don't miss Melbourne's QRP by the Bay. Enthusiastic amateurs will gather …

NXP RFID PCB Antenna Designer

Learn more or try it free UHF antenna design is more complex than a typical HF antenna design and needs …

Cool HF Antenna images

Check out these HF antenna images:
tower andy2

Image by fieldgenerator
radio ham iota field weekend,HF antenna mounting.

Discover the Discone for HF

Read more about this wideband antenna at
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Open-Wire Dipole Antenna

Ham Radio: Simple, efficient, proven HF antenna design!
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Latest HF Antenna News

New High Performance RFID Reader in Canadian Market for Challenging …
The built-in multiplexer can support up to four antennas and has protection …

HF Antennas for Everyone Reviews

HF Antennas for Everyone

Great for Amateur Ham Radio & Shortwave enthusiasts!
HF Antennas for Everyone includes over 90 RadCom and Radio Communication articles …

N785TW shot from N786TW

Check out these HF antenna images:
N785TW shot from N786TW

Image by Non sked pilot
I shot this in MCI before flying 786 to MIA …

Survival HF Radio of Awesomeness

This is my portable, self powered HF ham radio station. It’s only slightly larger than a briefcase. I did freeband it so …

Latest HF Antenna News


Image by n3pb
HF antenna mounted to the NWS office. This antenna has been replaced by a horizontal loop designed by W4VLL.

Base Station Antennas

The HF antenna is a homemade Mystery. The vertical is a 2/440 Tram. Cost about 3 years ago.
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Cool HF Antenna images

A few nice HF antenna images I found:
Elgin Mission Base

Image by stewie811

JOTA: HF+2 beams

Image by HSmade
Here you see the FB-33 HF antenna …

ML-91 Magnetic Loop Antenna

This is the ML-91 HF Magnetic Loop Mobile Antenna. I had shot this footage using my mobile phone Nokia E71, that is …

Setting Up The HF Buddipole

Our new HF antenna being set up with the genius of M3VDH. Worked well.
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My Dual Beam Pro is …

Sigma Eurocomm HF Plus Pack

Tested via the excellent antenna guru M0CVO and for sale via Lamcommunications for £59.95 this is the 40m and 80m upgrade kits …