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Badan Kepegawaian Negara Temukan 57 Ribu PNS 'Misterius'
Bandung – Badan Kepegawaian Negara (BKN) menemukan puluhan ribu aparatur sipil negara (ASN) atau pegawai negeri sipil (PNS) di seluruh Indonesia yang terdaftar dalam database terdahulu tetapi tidak jelas keberadaannya alias 'misterius'.
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Presiden Jokowi Cerita Soal Blusukan di Depan Para CEO …

Twisting Tower.avi

CB Radio 4-element beam on twisted tower in extremely high windstorm about to crash down. The use of one guy wire …

Selsam Supertwinn, raising

Raising of the 39 ft tower. The turbine has the new 10 ft. blades.

A friend wanted to know what we could see …

Tower installation- Part 1

First tip-up of what will soon be a 55′ bracketed tower with a Mosley TA-53M and a 2m/440 vertical installation. We stood …

Tower installation part 4

I had to raise it but without the antenna because I’m having obstructing limbs cut down for clearance of the arch radius. …

9K2UU chalet tower base 1/2

Base and foundation work for 18m galvanized steel self support tower on the roof of my 12m high chalet, which will carry …

Latest Ham Tower News

Image from page 119 of “The key to Betsy’s heart” (1916)

Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: keytobetsysheart00ives
Title: The key to Betsy’s heart
Year: …

Southport Tower

Installing dish antenna on a guyed tower near Southport, NC for local radio station.
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LUSO CRANK-UP tower LUSO44TN & Tetsujin27

LUSO44TN (44m height) CRANK-UP TOWER & Tetsujin27(27m height) CRANK-UP TOWER.

Will I succeed? Talking about my new computer, my upcoming vacation to Thailand …

Wind Turbine Hydraulic Tower System

Overview picture (10kw wind turbine generator system with 12m hydraulic tower) Tower is a significant part for the wind turbine generator system …

ADAM-12 CB Radio Tower Raising

Raising of the ADAM-12 CB radio tower using a truck and long rope.
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cb tower & antenna install sireo …

WGNS Tower Top

A look at the top of the WGNS tower. The view includes a major part of Murfreesboro, Tennessee from 320 feet, the …

INVERTED V {Mark 2 version

Cut this at 18 ft x 2 for 11 metres , total disaster trying to tune ,back to old faithful soon.

Louis Varney …

Tower Machine

built a diamond block tower machine.
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Masonic Ham Tower Throw Pillow

Masonic Ham Tower Throw Pillow

Ham Radio Mason Transmitting Tower

List Price: $ 24.00

CafePress Masonic Ham Tower Apron – Standard

Ham Radio Mason …

Latest Ham Tower News

Ways to give: How to help this holiday season
Donations of turkey, ham or chicken help round out holiday meals. More information: …. …

tower erection

for the benefit of those who wonder how it stood up, this is how we do it… the OUR way… manually…100% raw …

t-mobile tower in the hood

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To see more pneumatic antenna masts, please visit Larson Electronics carries a wide variety of pn…
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3 Foot antenna on the trunk emits corona discharge. The audio you hear is not bleed over in the camera, its the …

Latest Ham Tower News

Officers used police station addresses for voting
Thirty law enforcement officers across Hamilton County used police stations where they work as their address …


cb radio.

Here is the Topanga Canyon Field Day post from the Ham Radio Field Day from last week. Special thanks to everybody …

Pathfinder hs0zju

Pathfinder hs0zju.

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