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Electro-Magnetic Interference

Stratcom brings Spain into the space surveillance fold

Stratcom brings Spain into the space surveillance fold
These agreements streamline the process for partners to request information crucial for launch support, satellite maneuver planning, support for on-orbit anomalies, electromagnetic interference reporting and investigation, satellite decommissioning …
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Metallic Mesh Becomes Invisible to Antenna Signals
That destructive interference creates the …

Are We Living In A Multiverse?

Catalyst: Custom Universe – Consider one of the most perplexing problems of modern physics and philosophy: is the universe fine-tuned for us?
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Lamp Dimmer and EMI

A random video showing how a TRIAC based dimmer works and how it can affect power quality and nearby equipment from the …

Makerbot EMI Issues

many people have been questioning the effects of the EMI given off by the Makerbot: well, here’s your answer, keey touchscreen computers …

Review: Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme

Review: Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme
This MIL-STD 810G, 461F and IP-65-rated device can withstand electromagnetic interference, driving rain, blowing dust and sand, …

Electromagnetic noise from iMac

Audible electromagnetic fields from an iMac.
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Jungle Epilogue

Composition by Sunetra Fernando for the theatre production, Scorpion Orchid. This performance, Santai! rib Style was performed at Esplanade, Singapore in May…
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emi imbisible

jaja no lo hay miren el video.
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EMI-Hardened Op Amp Demo

Peter demonstrates TI’s EMI-hardened op amp technology by comparing the effect of cell phone TDM noise on a pressure sensor circuit with …


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►► IR Interference Sniffer

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Caused by RF interference my cameras microphone picks up, but sounds quite good.
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client asked for something like this : so i made what you see and he Loved it 🙂 check out Project-4D …

Electro Interference

I recently purchased some elctro software for my DJ stuff so I though i’d make this as the start of my next …


Electro Magnetic Interference EMI10 Part-7
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DISCOUNT LINK Product Description PGV11003 Profigold Oxypure The Profigold range of HDMI cables …