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Image from page 304 of “The seventh continent; a history of the discovery and explorations of Antarctica” (1918)

Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: seventhcontinent00wrig
Title: The seventh continent; a history of the discovery and explorations of Antarctica
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: Wright, Helen S. (Helen Saunders), b. 1874
Publisher: Boston, R.G. Badger
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Lifeline Marine Rescue Radio with GPS

Lifeline Marine Rescue Radio with GPS

This is a revolutionary communication tool for divers. The chat button allows you to communicate with any radio set to the channel that you chose. The Hail and Distress button is set to the international distress frequency of channel 16.

This is a revolutionary communication tool …

Latest Distress Frequency News

The Spirit of Community (Vayakhel, Covenant & Conversation 5775 on Ethics)
Perhaps the most interesting of Putnam's findings was that these attributes were …

Latest Distress Frequency News

What in the world is going on?
Luke 21:25b, “and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity” There will be distress, anguish …

RCC Australia

Rescue Coordination Centre Australia (RCC), Canberra transmitting a Securite in 6227khz for an overdue vessel. I played with the filter settings during …

8743 kHz Bangkok Radio?

I think this is the station preamble for Bangkok Radio, Thailand? (Transmitted prior to HF marine weather forecast)
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4631.5 Khz – Datamode or what?

Receiver : Funcube Dongle Pro + Antenna : Magnetic Loop Antenna Transmission ended 0:27. This signal is often heard at other frequencies.

Radio …

Latest Distress Frequency News

Dr Le Fanu's online health clinic, Friday 5th December 2014
What else can I do? I do dread being given strong medicine unnecessarily. …

Dispelling Weitko

Dispelling Weitko
People who are channeling the vibratory frequency of wetiko align with each other through psychic resonance to reinforce their unspoken shared …

1SD227 Italy

Italian station calling CQ in 27555.
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Latest Distress Frequency News

DEC confirms dead raccoon had rabies
Found in the Cairo area, I first learned of the rabid raccoon from Frank Algozzine, a serious …

27385 kHz

VBF Monterey Bay California on CB channel 38. Recorded on the Gold Coast, Australia.
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Brooklyn Pirate Radio WFAT

WFAT 1620 AM Brooklyn, New York. Circa 1980. This film features DJs Hank Hayes, Jim Nazium, and the FCC agents that kept …

Furuno FS1503 SSB-HF Radio: An Overview Call 1.800.826.2907 Furuno FS1503 SSB-HF Radio: The latest addition to Furuno’s HF Radio line that has won…

On the Bay: March 7, 2012

On the Bay: March 7, 2012
When first activated, the beacon sends a “closed loop” DSC alert on the designated DSC VHF frequency …

Furuno FS1503EM SSB-HF Radio: An Overview

Furuno FS1503EM SSB-HF Radio is available at PSICOMPANY.COM. Call 1.800.826.2907 More Information on Furuno FS1503EM SSB-HF Radio: Furuno FS1503EM SSB-HF Radio …

Breitling – Emergency

This is a professional watch and it is important to note that it is not designed for leisure use. The built in …

What Makes a Breitling Watch?

The characteristic Breitling watch is much larger than the standard face, in part to display the many functions available on most of …