Back in Action

Some cool Yaesu images:

Back in Action

Image by – jre –
my Yaesu FT-5100 broke some time in 2000-2001, radio output dropped significantly on VHF.
Turns out this is commonplace, as the Toshiba S-AV24 PA module is aluminum-ceramic mounted to the radio heat sink body with two screws atop a heat sink compound. Too much heat/cooling breaks the ceramic due to stress cracks, and severs the traces inside the module. I had re-soldred mine as much as possible, but was not pleased with re-installing and chancing another failure. I found a new module online for less than shipped. Installed it, and things seem very happy once again, with one bulb burned out in the lower left corner.

I love this radio 🙂

Right side Station Console

Image by N0SSC
Main rig’s a TS-850, to the right is a FT-847.

Pano from Yaesu Fujiya Hotel

Image by woto

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