A Hypnotizing Timelapse Captures An Atmospheric Standing Wave

A Hypnotizing Timelapse Captures An Atmospheric Standing Wave
Filmed at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire on February 3, 2012, this stack of lenticular clouds echo layers of moist and dry air forced into waves by the mountain range below. The timelapse condenses time in a ratio of more than 10:1, …
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SpaceShipTwo Crash: Mach 1 Is Still the Worst Place to Be
A jet going at Mach 1 or Mach 2 doesn't refer to a specific speed, like kilometers per hour. A Mach number is the ratio of speed of an object to the speed of sound. The speed of sound is also relative to the medium being traveled. Ryan Stanley, an …
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Tabletop experiment could detect gravitational waves
A passing high-frequency gravitational wave would cause the disc to vibrate, setting up standing waves of sound across the 2 mm thickness of the disc. The upper surface of the disc is slightly curved to trap sound quanta (phonons), which improves the …
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