A “Commodore 64” at Museum of Arts and Industry, Paris

A few nice RTTY images I found:

A “Commodore 64” at Museum of Arts and Industry, Paris

Image by austinevan
One of my favs! I had one in once in the 90’s that had a module to decode cyrillic radio-teletype (rtty) and used to to print out russian maritime cables. This is on display at the Museum of Arts and Industry in Paris (Arts et Metiers).

Globephone “Space Commander ICF 2003 DX”

Image by Wanderlinse
The Globephone "Space Commander ICF 2003 DX" is a multiband receiver from 1981 and covers frequencies from 0,15 khz – 478 Mhz. It receives radio stations world wide, SSB, USB, LSB (RTTY, weatherfax, ham radio etc.), air band and others. Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=goOxw3ySDOE & www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DKjsWb33ow
Infos: www.richy-schley.de/pages/funk-kommunikation/globephone-s…
Der Globephone "Space Commander ICF 2003 DX" ist ein sogenannter Allwellenempfänger von 1981, der Frequenzen zwischen 0,15 khz und 478 Mhz abdeckt. Man kann mit dem Gerät weltweit Radiosender empfangen, SSB, LSB, USB (RTTY, Wetterfax, Amateurfunk etc.), Flugfunk, Polizeifunk u.s.w. www.radiomuseum.org/r/globelec_icf_2003dxicf2003_d.html

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