A-853 (Spanish-American encounter recapped by a Russian Americanist Mikhail Zadornov)

A recently declassified account of the morbid incident that took place off Spain coast involving the US carrier striking force on a mission in the Mediterranean. A routine radio-communication session, intercepted and deciphered by the Russian surveillance facilities clandestinely deployed in the region, had nearly triggered a major crisis and even an all-out war between the NATO allies. English/Español subtitles Spanish-American talks registered at a marine distress frequency. Spanish: A-853 is speaking. Please, turn 15 degrees South to avoid collision with us. You’re heading straight for us. The distance is only 25 nautical miles. Americans: The Master of the United States Ship is speaking. We advise YOU to turn 15° to avoid the collision with US. Spanish: We deem your instruction impossible and inadequate, and we advise you to turn 15° South so as not to ram into us. Americans: Richard James Howard, the Commander of the USS ‘Lincoln’, the aircraft carrier, the second largest vessel of the US Navy, is speaking. We’re escorted by 2 cruisers, 6 jet-fighters, 4 submarines and the task force support fleet. Now I’m not advising you, I’m ordering you to alter your course by 15° North. Otherwise, we’ll have to take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our ship. Back off our course! Spanish: Juan Manuel Sales Alcanara is speaking to you. 2 men here. We’re escorted by a dog, a supper, 2 bottles of beer. We’re supported by a canary-bird, which is sleeping right now

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