2m 70cm Diamond X 30 Base Antenna

I received a ‘freebie’ Diamond X-30 2m 70cm Base Station omnidirectional vertical antenna from a local ham. This is Part 1 of my evaluation of this antenna where I check Return Loss on both bands.

Part 2 will follow when I get some time to set up a field test for looking at the actual gain over a reference dipole when it is mounted on the top of a mast as well its pattern at 2m and 70cm when it is when mounted on the side of a mast (or tower leg) at various spacings. Whether we use a dipole array or a collinear antenna, a side mounted antenna will have a pattern that will be affected by the spacing between the antenna and tower leg or mast upon which it is mounted.
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Here is a easy to make dual-band vertical antenna, It covers the 2 mtrs and 70 cm band, As it is it could be suspended by String in the loft or slid inside a lenght of plastic tube to be used outside. Any questions drop me a message.
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